Faculty Research Papers

Recent research has addressed several important issues including financial market regulation and economic growth, systematic risk in the financial sector and economic downturns, the changing structure of financial markets, and corporate disclosure and earnings quality.

Reena Aggarwal

Professor of Business Administration and Finance

James Angel

Associate Professor

Jennie Bai

Associate Professor of Finance

Turan Bali

Robert S. Parker Chair Professor of Business Administration

Chris Brummer

Agnes N. Williams Research Professor of Law

Sandeep Dahiya

Associate Professor

Gilles Hilary

Houston Professor of Accounting

Allison P. Koester

Saleh Romeih Associate Professor of Accounting

Claire Liang

Associate Teaching Professor

David McLean

William G. Droms Professor

Vladimir Mukharlyamov

Assistant Professor

Alberto Rossi

Associate Professor of Finance

Hillary Sale

Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Law

Jason D. Schloetzer

William and Karen Sonneborn Term Associate Professorship

David A. Walker

John A. Largay Professor Emeritus

Quan Wen

Assistant Professor

Rohan Williamson

Professor; Stallkamp Research Fellow

Xiaofei Zhao

Associate Professor