World renowned faculty provide expertise and thought leadership to the Psaros Center.

Faculty Associates

Reena Aggarwal

Robert E. McDonough Professor of Finance
Founding Director, Georgetown Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy

James J. Angel

Associate Professor of Finance

Jennie Bai

Associate Professor of Finance

Turan Bali

Robert S. Parker Chair of Business Administration and Finance

James Bodurtha

Associate Professor of Finance

Chris Brummer

Agnes N. Williams Research Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Institute of International Economic Law

George Comer

Associate Professor of Finance
Co-Director, Georgetown Reach

Sandeep Dahiya

Associate Professor of Finance
Akkaway Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Allan Eberhart

Professor of Finance
Senior Associate Dean, Master of Science in Finance Program

Gilles Hilary

Houston Professor of Accounting

Bardia Kamrad

Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Executive Degree Programs
Academic Director for the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program
Professor of Operations and Information Management (OPIM)

Andreas T. Kern

Associate Teaching Professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy

Allison P. Koester

Saleh Romeih Associate Professor of Accounting

Claire Liang

Associate Teaching Professor

R. David McLean

William G. Droms Professor
Finance Area Coordinator

Vladimir Mukharlyamov

Assistant Professor of Finance

Lee Pinkowitz

Associate Professor
Associate Director of Student Engagement, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy

Alberto Rossi

Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Finance
Director, AI, Analytics and Future of Work Initiative

Hillary Sale

Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Strategy

Jason D. Schloetzer

William and Karen Sonneborn Term Associate Professorship
Accounting Area Coordinator

Quan Wen

Assistant Professor of Finance

Rohan G. Williamson

Vice Provost for Education
Bolton Sullivan/Thomas A. Dean Professor in International Business and Finance

Xiaofei Zhao

Associate Professor of Finance

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The lessons of the 2011 debt ceiling crisis, explained by the negotiators who were there

The outcome in 2011 revealed that even getting close to a default was dangerous and had a problematic impact on the economy, experts say. “This is an entirely human-made crisis that adds extra cost to the taxpayer, that can lead to market volatility, and that’s totally avoidable,” said David Vandivier, a former Treasury Department official.

February 1, 2023

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Veterans of the Obama-era debt ceiling standoff on the current one: We may be doomed

“It feels like there’s a desire to get closer and closer to the brink,” said David Vandivier, who was a senior Treasury official during the 2011 negotiations. “At a certain point, you don’t know where the line is.”

January 26, 2023

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Here’s What Investing Experts Are Watching in 2023, From Inflation to China’s Economic Reopening

“The markets will be very volatile,” predicts James Angel, a finance professor at Georgetown University. “There are a lot of things which could move the market.” Experts say there are five factors affecting the stock market that they’ll be monitoring this year.

January 9, 2023