Psaros Center White Papers

Offering innovative and influential thought leadership, the Georgetown Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy fosters discussion on critical policy and market issues related to responsible global financial markets. The Psaros Center engages students to help research and publish white papers on relevant financial policy topics such as digital assets and innovation, market structure, responsible finance, and alternative investments

Visiting Fellows White Papers

Recent Movements in R*: The Most Important Interest Rate That You Have Never Heard Of

An overview of the importance of R* in economic analysis and highlights of the recent trends shaping interest rate dynamics
Author: Ernie Tedeschi
May 2024

Cyber Risk and SEC Regulations: Navigating Boardroom Responsibilities

An examination of the Board of Directors’ responsibility to cyber risk prevention and response in relation to recent SEC regulations
Authors: Marshall Lux and Rohan Mistry
May 2024

Exploring the Potential of Asset Tokenization in Financial Markets

An overview of the benefits and challenges of asset tokenization in financial markets
Authors: Marshall Lux and Rohan Mistry
March 2024

Towards Responsible AI: Examining the Financial Artificial Intelligence Risk Reduction Act

A review and summary of the Financial Artificial Intelligence Risk Reduction Act
Authors: Marshall Lux and Rohan Mistry
February 2024

Explainer on SPACs

A review and summary of SPACs
Author: Frank Hatheway
January 2024

Alternate Data in Credit Underwriting: Potential Resolutions for the Unbanked and Underbanked

Review and recommendations on the use of alternate information in credit underwriting
Authors: Marshall Lux and Jack Zoltak
January 2024

Explainer on SEC Private Fund Advisers Ruling

A review of SEC Ruling on private fund advisors
Author: Marshall Lux
August 2023

Student White Papers

ESG Impact on Risk and Performance

Review of ESG investment implementation and its impact on risk and return
February 2022

Financial Integrity and Financial Inclusion

How can integrity and inclusiveness mutually reinforce each other in the financial system?
April 2021

Institutionalization of Digital Assets

Digital Assets Today and What it Will Take to get to the Next Level of Institutional Adoption
January 2021

ESG Reporting in Food & Health Sector

Standards & Metrics for Small and Medium Private Equity Firms
August 2020

FinTech & Financial Inclusion

How do FinTech firms assist clients in obtaining loans?
July 2020

Initial Coin Offerings

Overview & Global Regulatory Environment
June 2018

Leveraging Data

The Role Big Data Can Play in Providing Better Products and Services for Customers
October 2017

Blockchain and Financial Inclusion

The Role Blockchain Technology can Play in Accelerating Financial Inclusion
March 2017

The Complex Regulatory Landscape for FinTech

An Uncertain Future for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Lending
August 2016