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The Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy brings in top tier speakers focused on addressing urgent financial market issues of today. Speakers cover topics ranging from blockchain management, AI’s growing role in investments, the effect of politics on financial market behavior, crypto, fintech innovation, ESG, and more.

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View from the Exchanges

Regulation and Policy Update

Future of Digital Assets

Crypto ETFs

ESG Disclosure and Ratings Panel

Markets in Motion

Fintech and the Transformation of Financial Services

Post Election Discussion

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The Psaros Center hosts a wide range of speakers throughout the year.

Women’s History Month

Global Virtual Seminar Series on Fintech

Women in Finance Academic Seminar: Gender and Diversity Research

Trading Apps Day

Cybersecurity Day

AI in Asset Management Day

Natural Language Processing Day

Man vs Machine Day

Social Finance Day

Robo-Advising Day

Fintech Apps Day

Data Privacy Day

Machine Learning Day

Crypto Day

Twitter CFO Lecture

The New Gold Rush: a discussion on the Institutionalization of Digital Assets

Retail Investors Shake Up Wall Street, What’s Next?

Webinar on ETF Performance: From the Flash Crash to COVID-19