Webinar on ETF Performance: From the Flash Crash to COVID-19

It has been 10 years since the Flash Crash and now we are right in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. Completely different crises, one driven by market structure and volatility and one driven by a world-wide health crisis.
The Center for Financial Markets and Policy at Georgetown Univerity’s McDonough School of Business @GUFinpolicy is hosting a virtual webinar.

  • Will firms be able to comply with the new ETF Rule.
  • Is the creation/redemption process working? What is the impact on ETF liquidity?
  • All ETF Funds are required to have a valuation committee to determine the fair value of underlying constituents of ETF baskets. What is happening with constituents that are held, frozen, bankrupt, or listed on closed markets? How is the valuation committee handling those issues?
  • ETF Fund complexes and Business Continuity. Boards are looking for updates by Fund managers.
  • ETFs rely extensively on third parties for audit, compliance, etc. How is the performance of these firms?
  • Lessons learned by ETF funds from this crisis in the new product launch process.
  • First active ETF by American Century (following the Precidian model) was launched last week
  • Other legal and regulatory updates.
  • SEC interactions with ETF fund managers.
  • How well did ETFs track their underlying indexes in the turmoil?
  • How are new products – both active and passive – coming to market?

Please find additional details below: 

Day: Wednesday, May 13
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. EST. 
Format: 45 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A. Depending on the number of participants, the questions will be asked live or via Zoom Chat.

Introduction: Dr. Reena Aggarwal, Director, Center for Financial Markets & Policy
Moderator: John Jacobs, Executive Director, Center for Financial Markets & Policy


Ananth Madhaven (BlackRock), Reginald Browne (GTS), Laura Flores (MorganLewis),
David LaValle (Alerian), Andrew Chanin (ProCure Funds) and Dan McCabe (Precidian)

If you are interested in watching this webinar, please send an email to cfmp@georgetown.edu to be added to the Zoom mailing list.