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Executive MBA: Global

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Georgetown McDonough executive degree programs prepare professionals to lead in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Students embark on a transformational educational journey that prepares them for success anywhere in the world.

Georgetown McDonough’s Executive MBA program prepares professionals to lead confidently in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. At the end of the 20-month program, EMBA graduates walk away with a global outlook that positions them for career success anywhere in the world.

As part of the Georgetown community, students are connected to peers, professors, professionals, and alumni worldwide — a valuable network that is characteristic of all of Georgetown University programs. In the classroom, experienced faculty who understand the nuances of international business deliver rich insights and knowledge on a range of topics.

In addition to benefitting from world-class instruction, students participate in two international consulting projects. In the first international residency, student consulting teams work together to solve a pressing business problem facing foreign organizations and Fortune 500 companies with operations overseas. The teams later travel abroad to the client’s facilities to present recommendations to senior leadership.

In the global capstone residency, student teams study the impact of globalization at the country, industry, and firm levels. With the guidance of a faculty advisor, they travel the world to conduct field research on a particular country, region, industry, and corporation and implement a real-world research project.

EMBA students have traveled to the following countries in recent years:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam