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MBA Student Ambassadors

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Student Ambassadors are current MBA students interested in connecting prospective students to the Full-time and Evening MBA programs and hosting our Experience Georgetown program. Once our MBA Student Ambassadors return from their internships in the fall, they will be happy to answer prospective student inquiries. 

Name: Amanda Holst
Hometown: Toms River, New Jersey
Undergraduate Study: George Washington University, Major: Finance
Prior Work Experience: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Public Sector Practice Consultant
Career Interest: Consulting, Corporate Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Director of Career Management: Graduate Student Consulting Group (GSCG); Member: Gay, Ally, and Lesbian Alliance (GALA)
DC­ Neighborhood: Pentagon City, Virginia

Name: Amuche Nwokolo
Hometown: Abagana, Anambra State, Nigeria
Undergraduate Study: University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Prior Work Experience: Dun and Bradstreet, Business Manager
Career Interest: Strategy Consulting and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Co-President, MBA Volunteers; VP of International, Graduate Women in Business; VP of Finance, MBA Adventure Club; Community Representative, Hoya Cohort; Member: Graduate Student Consulting Club, Finance Club, Clean Tech and Energy Club, Black MBA Association
DC­ Neighborhood: Rosslyn, Virginia

Name: Anuj Khatiwada
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Undergraduate Study: The Citadel, Major: Biology
Prior Work Experience: Recruiter, Civitas Education Partners and Teacher, Teach for America
Career Interests: Strategy and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Executive Vice President, Sports Club; VP of Technology, Health Business Association; Member: Finance Club, Georgetown Women in Business, Graduate Investment Fund, South Asian Business Alliance, Gray Cohort Social Representative
DC­ Neighborhood: Rosslyn, Virginia

Name: Jonah Trout
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Undergraduate Study: University of Nevada - Las Vegas, Major: Finance and Economics
Prior Work Experience: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc., and Deutsche Bank AG
Career Interest: Consulting and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: President, Graduate Student Consulting Group; Executive Vice President, Gay Ally Lesbian Alliance; Member: Finance Club, Graduate Women in Business, Wine Society, Gourmet Society
DC­ Neighborhood: Adams Morgan

Name: Nayan Archarya 
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Undergraduate Study: Anna University, Major: Engineering
Prior Work Experience: Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting
Career Interests: Management Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Communications, Georgetown Operations & Management Association; Student Leader, Global Social Enterprise Initiative; VP of Conference, Graduate Women in Business; Member: Consulting Club, South Asian Business Alliance
DC­ Neighborhood: Arlington, Virginia

Name: Phil Marcus
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Undergraduate Study: James Madison University, Major: Sport and Recreation Management
Prior Work Experience: Accounting, Operations
Career Interest: Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Director of Consulting Trek; Graduate Student Consulting Group; VP of Communications, Georgetown Christians in Business
DC­ Neighborhood: Arlington, Virginia

Name: Zack Smith
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Study: Bates College, Major: Political Science
Prior Work Experience: International Development/ Non-profit management, U.S. Peace Corps and Tenacity 
Career Interest: Consulting, Strategic Planning
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Finance, Sports Club; Member: Graduate Student Consulting Club, Georgetown Operations and Management Association (GOMA)
DC­ Neighborhood: Glover Park 

Name: Elizabeth Skepnek
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Undergraduate Study: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Prior Work Experience: Consultant and Project Manager - International Non-Profits
Career Interest: Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Consulting Day, Consulting Club; VP of Social, Georgetown Women in Business; VP of Career and Alumni, European Business Society; President, Gourmet Society 
DC­ Neighborhood: Adams Morgan