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MBA/Master of Public Policy

The McCourt School of Public Policy and Georgetown McDonough offer a three-year program that leads to both MBA and Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees. This dual program is intended for students who seek to make an impact by collaborating across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

An MPP equips students with a set of core skills in policy analysis, program evaluation, management, and politics that prove valuable in many settings in both the United States and around the world. Government, nonprofit, and private employers need highly skilled, well-trained policy analysts who can dissect a problem, analyze and interpret data, and evaluate and create alternative courses of action. The MPP degree endows its practitioners with the analytical tools and critical discernment to tackle today’s most pressing policy questions.

Candidates seeking positions that require strong leadership skills, policy expertise, and a solid business foundation in public policy, nonprofit management, international development, and private sector careers, should consider augmenting their graduate business studies with a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown.

School in which classes are attended

  • Year one: Public Policy
  • Year two: Business School
  • Year three: Both

This program requires successful completion of 84 graduate-level credits. This includes 39 MPP credits (30 core, 9 elective) and 45 MBA credits (36 core, 9 elective).

Students should confirm the specific McCourt School of Public Policy requirements with an academic advisor at the School of Public Policy.

In their first year of coursework at the McDonough School of Business, students in the MBA/MPP dual degree program follow the standard Full-Time MBA curriculum with one exception -- OPIM 550 Managerial Statistics is replaced with PPOL 503 Advanced Regression and Program Evaluation Methods.

In the remaining year, students take two core courses (the Global Business Experience and Principled Leadership in Business and Society) and elective courses. Students will work closely with their academic advisors to schedule elective courses, which are chosen from a wide range of options to gain expertise in specific fields.

For more information about the specifics of the MPP degree, candidates should contact the McCourt School of Public Policy.

Phone: (202) 687-0615
Fax: (202) 687-9187


"The dual degree program allowed me to personalize my Georgetown experience, bringing together my passions for public policy and business into a curriculum that prepared me to succeed amidst the challenges facing the public sector. The dual degree program allowed me to spend extra time and gather extra experiences to really figure out what I wanted to do professionally. Over and over again, I continue to professionally draw upon my education and experiences from Georgetown to make a difference in the world of public policy and business."  -Michael Hilburg, MBA/MPP, Class of 2010