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The Digital Economy and Closing the Opportunity Gap

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Senior Industry and Innovation Fellow Ralph Everett presents the hope and policy implications of the explosion of digital technology in a new economic policy vignette released by the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

Everett puts forth that the digital revolution has opened a universe of new possibilities but that realizing the digital economy’s potential to close gaps in employment and pay is not guaranteed. Providing students with a digital-era education and ready access to broadband must be a foundational part of the national strategy to close the digital divide and to achieve the best-educated workforce possible. “If we can do that, Americans of every race, ethnicity, and income group will have a fairer chance to seize the digital future and enjoy the jobs, higher incomes, and economic opportunities that will go with it,” he says.

The full paper is available at To speak with Everett, an experienced telecommunications lawyer, policy expert, and leader in civic and government engagement, contact Brynn Boyer at (202) 687-5254 or