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Facts about Georgetown McDonough

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Learn all you need to know about Georgetown McDonough with our Key Facts.

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business At-a-Glance

One of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, Georgetown University prepares leaders in a rigorous, diverse and collaborative environment that encourages lifelong learning. McDonough has a strong track record for post-graduate employment.

Dean: David A. Thomas

Faculty (2013-14):

  • Tenured and full-time faculty: 75
  • Teaching and other full-time faculty: 23
  • Adjunct faculty: 58

Founding Dates:

  • Georgetown University: 1789
  • McDonough School of Business and Undergraduate Program: 1957
  • Full-time MBA Program: 1983
  • Executive Education: 1988
  • Executive MBA: 1994
  • Evening MBA Program: 2005
  • Executive Master’s in Leadership: 2005
  • Georgetown-ESADE Global Executive MBA: 2009
  • Corporate International Master’s in Business: 2013
  • Master of Science in Finance: 2014

Class Profiles:

Career Statistics:

Faculty-led Centers and Initiatives:

  • Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative (founded 2014)
  • Center for Business and Public Policy (founded 2002)
  • Center for Financial Markets and Policy (founded 2010)
  • Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative (founded 2009)
  • Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research (founded 2012)
  • Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (founded 2012)
  • Georgetown Women's Leadership Institute (founded 2003)
  • Global Business Initiative (founded 2012)
  • Global Social Enterprise Initiative (founded 2011)
  • Steers Center for Global Real Estate (founded 2010)

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